Lawmakers to Decide on Digital Euro’s Private Data Access

• The amount of private information the European National Bank would have direct access to if it implemented a digital euro will be decided by legislators, not the bank.
• Executive board chairman Fabio Panetta said the ECB does not have administrative rights to any personal data.
• Lawmakers will likely decide if the virtual euro may be used as official cash, and if third parties are necessary to disseminate it.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has stated that decisions regarding the implementation of a digital euro will be left in the hands of lawmakers, not the central bank. During a routine discussion on the digital euro on Monday, ECB Executive Board Chairman Fabio Panetta said that the organization’s top executives are not pushing for access to details about specific transactions.

Panetta emphasized the importance of striking a balance between privacy and other essential public policy objectives, saying that the ECB “suggests that we don’t have admin rights to any personal data.” Panetta clarified that private lenders, who would likely be used as middlemen to manage user accounts, would not have any greater access than they already do.

The ECB has also stated that the virtual euro will not be program money, meaning that there would not be any restrictions placed on users. Additionally, it is likely that lawmakers will decide whether the digital euro can be used as legal tender, and if third parties are necessary to facilitate transactions.

Overall, the ECB’s decision to put the decision in the hands of legislators emphasizes the organization’s commitment to protecting user privacy and upholding public policy objectives. It remains to be seen how lawmakers will decide to balance these factors when making decisions regarding the digital euro.

3AC Founders Launch GTX Exchange in Attempt to Rebuild Crypto Empire

• Founders of the collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, are raising $25 million for a new cryptocurrency exchange known as GTX.
• The exchange will allow depositors to transfer their FTX claims to the GTX exchange and get credit using a token known as USDG.
• The GTX executive team comprises several executives from CoinFlex, including the chief technology officer and the general counsel.

The crypto community is abuzz with news that the founders of the collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, are making plans to raise $25 million for a new cryptocurrency exchange known as GTX. This news has sent shockwaves through the crypto industry, as 3AC’s collapse was one of the biggest failures in the crypto industry in 2022.

The new GTX exchange is planning to fill the gap that FTX has left behind. GTX is a spinoff from „FTX,“ with one of the pitch decks even using the phrase „because G comes after F.“ The pitch deck says that the exchange will allow depositors to transfer their FTX claims to the GTX exchange and get credit using a token known as USDG.

The 3AC duo is teaming up with Mark Lamb and Sudhu Arumugam, the co-founders of CoinFlex. CoinFlex is an exchange that is also in the process of restructuring. The GTX executive team comprises several executives from CoinFlex, including the chief technology officer and the general counsel. GTX will use the technology provided by CoinFlex to create the exchange. The exchange’s legal team will also oversee the recent claims triggered by multiple bankruptcies, including that of firms like Celsius and Voyager.

The exchange plans to launch as early as February. With the new exchange, the 3AC duo hope to make up for the losses caused by the collapse of their previous venture. The crypto community is excited to see what the duo can bring to the table with a new venture.

The launch of the new exchange will also bring a renewed focus on the crypto industry and its regulation. With the launch of GTX, the industry will be able to see how the exchange works and whether it can bring a much-needed level of transparency. This could help the industry in its efforts to be more regulated, as well as help to create a more secure investing environment.

The news of 3AC’s comeback has been met with some trepidation, as many are still wary of the team after the collapse of their last venture. However, with the new exchange, the 3AC duo are hoping to prove that they can be trusted and that they have learned from their mistakes. Only time will tell if they are able to turn the situation around and make GTX a success.

Cardano Set to Soar in 2023: Secure Platform, Growing Attention & Price Surge

• Cardano is a cryptocurrency with a high potential for growth in 2023.
• Cardano is the top blockchain in the world in 2022 in terms of development activity.
• The Cardano community is showing high levels of trust and attention.

The digital asset market has been gaining considerable momentum in the past few months, and it is safe to say that the crypto industry is in a highly volatile state. Despite this, there are still some projects that have managed to stay afloat and show immense potential for growth in the near future. One such project is Cardano, a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that has been gaining the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike.

The Cardano community is highly active and has shown immense faith in the project. As per the data provided by Santiment, Cardano was the top blockchain in terms of development activity in 2022. This is a testament to the hard work that has been put in by the developers and the trust that has been shown by the community.

In terms of price, Cardano is currently valued at around $855 million, and this is a testament to the growing demand for the token. The price has been steadily rising in recent months, and this trend is expected to continue in the near future. Analysts have predicted that Cardano is set to soar in 2023, and this is due to the growing trust and attention that the project has been receiving from its community.

The main goal of the Cardano project is to provide a secure and efficient platform for users to store their digital assets. The project is currently in the midst of a major upgrade and has recently launched the highly anticipated Shelley upgrade. This is expected to bring in a range of new features that will make the platform faster, more secure, and more efficient.

The Cardano team is also looking to expand its reach by forming partnerships with various entities in the industry. This could lead to more widespread adoption of the Cardano platform, which in turn could lead to a surge in its price.

Overall, the future looks very promising for Cardano, and investors should definitely keep an eye on the project. With the right strategy and preparation, Cardano could prove to be a very profitable investment in the near future.

$1.7 Million in Cryptocurrency on the Move, Who’s Behind It?

• Cryptocurrency worth more than $1.7 million was moved from Alameda Research-affiliated wallets this week.
• It is unlikely that the money is being moved by liquidators as part of bankruptcy proceedings involving FTX and Alameda.
• Sam Bankman-Fried denied being the one moving the money, but was accused of being a liar and a con artist.

This week, cryptocurrency worth more than $1.7 million was moved from wallets affiliated with Alameda Research. It appears that the funds are still in transit, as a fictitious on-chain detective ZachXBT has discovered that the funds are still in motion. This has caused speculation as to who is moving the money, and why.

The money is likely not being moved by liquidators as part of bankruptcy proceedings involving FTX and Alameda, as coin mixers are designed to conceal the movement of cryptocurrency cash between wallets. It is presently unknown who is moving the money from these wallets, but several cryptocurrency experts suggested Bankman-Fried because he is now at home and obviously has access to the internet.

When confronted with the accusation, Bankman-Fried denied it, but other well-known crypto developers, investors, and figures swiftly replied to his tweet to call him a liar and a con artist. Bankman-Fried then tweeted his own theory, saying that it is “certainly the work of a sophisticated actor or actors”.

The money was moved following a liquidity crisis, in which FTX and Alameda Research declared bankruptcy in November. Reports state that the companies’ client cash were missing in the billions of dollars. Alameda is accused of using FTX customers’ money to cover trading losses it suffered this summer when the cryptocurrency market fell.

As of now, it remains unclear who is moving the money from the wallets and why. It is also unclear what action will be taken against Bankman-Fried if it is determined that he is in fact the one moving the money.

Regardless, the cryptocurrency community anxiously awaits further developments in this ongoing story.

Ankr Price Soars, Bulls Take Control of Market – Can it Reach $0.029?

• Ankr Price Prediction is currently changing hands at $0.015.
• The technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) faces the north.
• If the buyers put more effort, the Ankr price could possibly reach the resistance levels of $0.025, $0.027, and $0.029 respectively.

The price of the cryptocurrency Ankr (ANKR) is currently changing hands at $0.015 as the technical indicator Relative Strength Index (14) faces the north. The total supply of ANKR is 10 billion and it has a market cap of $146.4 million, making it the #127 ranked cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap.

If the buyers put more effort and push the Ankr price above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages, ANKR/USD may likely hit the resistance levels of $0.025, $0.027, and $0.029 respectively. If the current level fails to hold strong, the Ankr could slip below the support level of $0.013.

The Ankr bulls are coming into the market and the buyers are eager to push the price to the resistance levels. However, the bulls need to put in a lot of effort to break through the resistance levels. If the bulls succeed in pushing the price above the resistance levels, then the bullish momentum could continue in the long run.

On the other hand, if the bears take control of the market, then the Ankr price could slip below the support levels. In such a case, the bears will have to be careful to avoid any significant losses. If the bears succeed in pushing the price to the lower border of the channel, then the bearish momentum could continue in the long run.

Overall, the Ankr price prediction is looking positive as the bulls have taken control of the market. If the buyers manage to push the price above the resistance levels, then the bullish momentum could continue in the long run. On the other hand, if the bears take control of the market, then the bears will have to be careful to avoid any significant losses.


Ya en 2018, la CEO de Ark Invest, Cathie Wood, predijo de forma infame que las acciones de Tesla alcanzarían los 4.000 dólares en cuestión de pocos años. Los inversores y los críticos condenaron al ostracismo su apuesta de alta convicción, ya que en ese momento, Tesla se enfrentaba a una importante crisis de liquidez y estaba al borde de la quiebra.

Parecía una tarea imposible que el fabricante de automóviles se revalorizara un 1.200% cuando apenas podía mantenerse solvente. Pero la suerte quiso que la apuesta de Wood por Tesla se hiciera realidad a principios de este año, ya que las acciones de Tesla subieron hasta los 800 dólares, o los 4.000 dólares previstos antes de la división de las acciones.


Ahora, la gestora de activos con estrellas apuesta por que el Bitcoin Era siga subiendo. Cathie Wood ha sido durante mucho tiempo una defensora del activo digital, y su fondo ARKW posee aproximadamente 370 millones de dólares en GrayScale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

A medida que los precios de Bitcoin aumentaron este año, su capitalización de mercado alcanzó un valor de 1 billón de dólares. Aunque se trata de un logro monumental para la mayor criptomoneda del mundo, muchos analistas e inversores dudaron del crecimiento futuro de la moneda digital, citando un potencial alcista limitado. Wood, sin embargo, argumentó que la capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin de más de 1 billón de dólares era sólo el principio. En un reciente panel de la CBOE, dijo:

„Si sumamos toda la demanda potencial en relación con la oferta limitada, obtenemos cifras increíbles a largo plazo. Acabamos de empezar. Un billón de dólares no es nada comparado con lo que será finalmente“.

Afirmó que uno de los desarrollos más sorprendentes para la criptodivisa fue el aumento masivo de la demanda institucional. Dado que la economía de Estados Unidos se enfrenta a presiones inflacionistas con posibles subidas de los tipos de interés para 2023, los analistas han pronosticado que el dólar se depreciará.

Como resultado, las principales empresas institucionales y de gestión de activos comenzaron a acaparar Bitcoin y otras criptodivisas, sacando de circulación millones de monedas. Según cifras de Glassnode, la oferta ilíquida de Bitcoin ha seguido aumentando de forma constante a lo largo de 2021.


Wood también comentó sobre las principales empresas tecnológicas que añaden Bitcoin en su balance, y el reciente movimiento de Tesla para aceptar pagos con Bitcoin:

„Hemos visto a Square hacerlo, a Tesla hacerlo, MicroStrategy ha puesto, es decir, está definiendo su negocio en torno a ello ahora. Y una de las razones, como Tesla anunció ayer, es que le gustaría hacer negocios en Bitcoin en regiones del mundo… donde la conversión de un fiat a otro es prohibitivamente cara“.

Aclamada como „visionaria“ por algunos, Cathie Wood se ha adelantado a menudo a Wall Street en la adaptación a un mundo cada vez más digital. ¿Tendrá razón con el Bitcoin? Eso está por ver, pero su historial habla por sí mismo.

Bitcoins Coinbase-premie blev negativ. Här är vad det betyder för BTC-pris

Coinbase Pro är en stor klockväder för institutionell efterfrågan. Nu visar data från CryptoQuant att det kortvariga försäljningstrycket på Coinbase ökar.

Bitcoins ( BTC ) slutgiltiga breakout över $ 50.000 kan behöva vänta längre för att realisera eftersom spotköpstryck på Coinbase Pro visar tecken på försvagning – åtminstone på kort sikt

Coinbase Premium Index, som mäter klyftan mellan BTC-priset på Coinbase Pro och Binance, har vänt negativt, enligt CryptoQuant. Med andra ord verkar säljtrycket på Coinbase stärkas jämfört med andra börser som Binance.

En negativ läsning på Coinbase Premium Index kan vara en föregångare till kortvarigt motstånd. Å andra sidan, när premien är hög, indikerar det ett starkt spotköpstryck på Coinbase.

Baserat på index, tror CryptoQuant VD Ki Young Ju att toppa 50 000 $ „ser ganska tufft ut“ på kort sikt.

„Nuvarande köpkraft kommer inte från Coinbase“, tillade han . ”Inget mer Coinbase-premium jämfört med Binance / Huobi / OKEx. Var försiktig.“

Coinbase har blivit en stor klocka för Bitcoin-efterfrågan på grund av dess popularitet bland stora institutionella köpare. Dessa marknadsaktörer förvärvar sin BTC via receptfria marknader på Coinbase Pro. Även om dessa stora inköp inte omedelbart påverkar BTC-priset , betyder de en växande efterfrågan på den digitala tillgången och i sin tur minskar utbudet. Coinbase Premium Index är därför ett sätt att mäta institutionell efterfrågan på BTC på kort sikt.

En kortsiktig fluktuation i Coinbase-premien verkar inte ha någon betydelse för Bitcoins långsiktiga bana. Den digitala tillgången förblir i en stark uppgång , efter att ha nått en hel norr om $ 49 700 på söndag, enligt TradingView-data.

Bitcoin-priset har ökat hela 28% under den senaste veckan, tack vare till stor del tack vare Teslas planerade förvärv av tillgången. Baserat på tillverkaren av elfordonets senaste 10K-ansökan till United States Securities and Exchange Commission planerar den att fördela ungefär 7,7% av sin bruttokassa till Bitcoin .

Börsnoterade företag och fondförvaltare innehar ungefär 6% av Bitcoins cirkulerande tillgång – en siffra som inte inkluderar Teslas position på 1,5 miljarder dollar.

Hongkong Licenties Eerste Virtual Asset Trading Platform

Hongkong Licenties Eerste Virtual Asset Trading Platform

  • De Hongkongse Securities and Futures Commission heeft haar eerste virtuele handelsplatform toegekend.
  • Het platform is uitsluitend professioneel, in overeenstemming met de recente SFC-wijzigingen.
  • OSL Digital Securities kreeg de licentie.

Het Trust Project is een internationaal consortium van nieuwsorganisaties dat standaarden voor transparantie opbouwt.

De Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong heeft op 16 december haar eerste Virtual Trading Platform licentie verleend.

De SFC in Hong Kong gaf echter geen naam aan het gelicentieerde bedrijf.

Nauwgezet toezicht

De SFC kondigde aan dat de platformlicentie het platform in staat stelde om professionele beleggers te bedienen. De licentie is wel voorzien van een aantal beperkingen. Ten eerste zal het Bitcoin Lifestyle platform zijn klanten bedienen onder nauwlettend toezicht van het SFC. Verder zal de toezichthouder zich bezighouden met „op maat gemaakte eisen“. Deze beperkingen lijken op de beperkingen die de SFC hanteert voor zowel effectenmakelaars als geautomatiseerde handelsplatformen.

De vergunning geeft de ontvanger toestemming om twee soorten activiteiten te ontplooien. De eerste, type 1 activiteiten, staat de onderneming toe om te handelen in effecten. De tweede, type 7, geeft het recht om geautomatiseerde handelsactiviteiten uit te voeren.

De professionele beleggersclausule in de beperkingen maakt deel uit van een verandering van hart door de toezichthouder. Zoals BeInCrypto eerder meldde, was de crypto-scene van Hongkong tot voor kort grotendeels gericht op de consumentenmarkt. De autoriteit in Hongkong begint de toegang tot crypto voor beleggers met minder dan $HDK 8 miljoen (~USD 1 miljoen) aan te scherpen.

Nog meer toezicht

Het SFC heeft ook specifiek vermeld dat het zijn bereik met betrekking tot de regelgeving aan het verbreden is. In november stelde de regering van Hongkong voor dat het SFC alle gecentraliseerde virtuele vermogensbeurzen zou reguleren. Dit breidt de mogelijkheden van het SFC uit. Op dit moment vallen platforms voor de handel tussen cryptokringen buiten het bereik van het agentschap.

BeInCrypto bracht op 3 november verslag uit over het voorstel. Op dit moment kunnen marktpartijen gebruik maken van een maas in de definitie van ‚beveiliging‘ om het SFC-onderzoek te omzeilen. De wijzigingen van de autoriteit van Hongkong zullen echter geen invloed hebben op de markt voor veiligheidsmuntjes.

Digitale Yuan-verbinding?

Toen de autoriteit in Hongkong de voorgestelde wijzigingen in de regelgeving aankondigde, kwam de speculatie snel op gang. Sommige commentatoren zagen de stap dan ook als het beëindigen van de geldstroom vanuit het vasteland van China. Anderen zagen het als een manier om de weg te bereiden voor de introductie van de digitale yuan. In dit geval zouden consumentenliefhebbers in de richting van de digitale yuan worden geduwd door de concurrentie weg te nemen.

Los daarvan kondigde OSL Digital Securities aan dat het de SFC-licentie heeft ontvangen. OSL merkt op dat met de licentie, het wordt, „’s werelds eerste SFC-vergunning, digitale activa-portefeuille-verzekerde, Big-4 geauditeerde digitale activa trading platform voor instellingen en professionele beleggers“.

De beurs zal professionele beleggers de mogelijkheid bieden om te handelen in Bitcoin, Ethereum, maar ook in andere „hoogwaardige“ munten en in sommige STO’s (security token offerings).

Less than 2% of the world population owns Bitcoin, says researcher

If Bitcoin continues to grow at the pace it is today, it will be the technology with „the fastest adoption ever“.

Bitcoin is already 11 years old and constantly in the spotlight due to its high prices. However, according to analyst Willy Woo, less than 2% of the world population has some amount of cryptomeda.

According to the famous analyst, the amount of the population that has Bitcoin Union can vary from 1.3% (minimum) to 1.7% (maximum). This suggests that approximately 120 million people have cryptomeda.

The number of 120 million is low, compared to the 7.7 billion inhabitants on the planet. This also means that the digital currency has not even touched the beginning of the adoption curve.

„According to my best estimate, 1.7% of the world population has Bitcoin. 1.3% is the minimum. With 1.7%, Bitcoin has not even checked in at the beginning of the adoption curve. Soon it will be on the way. With the current growth, this will be one of the fastest climbs of all time“.

For Willy Woo, this „small“ adoption suggests that the price of digital currency can rise quickly if the currency has an increase in adoption. This could happen soon, as large companies are accepting cryptomime, such as Paypal, which next year will allow its more than 300 million merchants to accept Bitcoin as payment, and others are planning, such as Spotify.

The analyst compares the adoption rate of other technologies that have changed the world, such as the Internet and cell phones. He explains that if Bitcoin continues to grow at the pace it is today, it will be the technology with „the fastest adoption ever“.

Bitcoin in $ 300 thousand until the end of 2021

Commenting on the price of Bitcoin, Woo said he expects cryptomeda worth six digits by December next year.

To defend the forecast, Woo used his Top Cap technical indicators. Although the analysis is „experimental“ on his analysis site, the graph has historically corresponded with price spikes accurately.

„My analysis suggesting $200,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2021 seems conservative, $300,000 is not out of the question.

Deutsche Privatbank launches crypto funds: Several digital assets in portfolio

The Digital Asset Fund I from Hauck & Aufhäuser is intended to cover 85 percent of the entire crypto market.

The German private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser announced that it wanted to offer its first crypto fund. The HAIC Digital Asset Fund I is scheduled to be launched on January 1, 2021

According to a report on FundView, this collaboration with Berlin-based fintech company Kapilendo is aimed at institutional and semi-institutional investors who want to invest in a portfolio of crypto assets, including Bitcoin Bank, Ether ( ETH ) and Stellar ( XLM ) .

The fund pursues a passive investment strategy, whereby the allocation of the crypto values ​​is based on the current market capitalization and other criteria. According to the company, the portfolio will cover 85 percent of the total market for crypto assets.

The minimum investment in the fund is EUR 200,000 and the subscription period is unlimited. The total ongoing fees for the fund are 2.05 percent of the fund volume

Kapilendo will act as a crypto depot and Hauck & Aufhäuser will be responsible for fund management. Board member Holger Sepp stated that institutional interest in crypto is growing in Germany:

„We are seeing that digital assets and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly attractive among institutional investors. With the launch of our first crypto fund, we and Kapilendo created an innovative investment vehicle that gives our customers inexpensive and secure access to the new crypto asset class, including the established one Meets the high quality standards and high demands of Hauck & Aufhäuser. “

As Cointelegraph reported last week , Stone Ridge’s digital assets subsidiary NYDIG recently raised $ 150 million in two crypto mutual funds.

The SEC continues to refuse to approve a Bitcoin ETF. Nevertheless, more and more vehicles are coming onto the market for institutional investors to enter the crypto market.