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Team Encounter spacecraft flight animation

Carrier components under construction at AeroAstro -HQ

Sub scale Solar Sail deployment test.







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Team Encounter™
Public Participation Space Missions


Join Arthur C. Clarke and millions of people worldwide -
Launch your photo, message and biological signature on a
REAL Solar Sail spacecraft to journey beyond the solar system!

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NEWS! Team Encounter successfully concluded the Spacecraft Conceptual Design Review.

Team Encounter is building and will launch an interstellar spacecraft to carry the messages, drawings, photos and biological signatures (micro hair samples) of millions of Earth's inhabitants. The Team Encounter Deep Space Probe will carry this payload, like a "cosmic message in a bottle," out of the solar system as an "archive of humanity" for whomever or whatever might discover the spacecraft in the years to come.

After launch, the deep space probe will unfurl its "solar sail," becoming the first spacecraft in history to travel through space using the "solar wind" - particles of energy emitted by the sun - just as the wind pushes a sailboat!

Team Encounter members have exclusive online access to Team Encounter Mission Control. At Mission Control, Team Encounter members can log on during mission reviews, flight tests, and during the actual deep space mission. Members can monitor the status of the probe, select optimal camera angles to view the probe's solar sail, provide input into real mission decisions, and interact with real mission controllers.

The Team Encounter Deep Space Probe is a unique space venture of leading aerospace and high technology firms with extensive experience in Public Participation Space Missions.

This project was initiated in 1999, with "Cosmic Call I" , when we used a powerful, world-class radio astronomy dish to transmit the names and personal messages of Team Encounter participants toward other stars!. Cosmic Call II is scheduled for second half of 2001.

This mission is open to everyone. Join Team Encounter now!


  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke submits a hair sample for integration onto the spacecraft.

Join the thousands of people from all over the world who are already on board! - [view global map]

  • • Sir Arthur C. Clarke, noted author of "2001-A Space Odyssey"- is sending his message and biological signature to the stars aboard the Team Encounter Deep Space Probe.
  • • Over 50,000 people from all over the world are launching their photos, drawings, thoughts, hopes and dreams aboard the Team Encounter spacecraft.

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current Team Encounter Participants.


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